Custom Domains on Divshot

It's easy to get your Divshot app up and running on a custom domain.

Adding the Domain to Your App

In the directory for your Divshot project, you can see existing custom domains for your app like so:

divshot domains

To add a new custom domain, just use domains:add:

divshot domains:add

To remove a domain, just use domains:remove:

divshot domains:remove

Setting up DNS

Once you've added the custom domain to your app, you will need to create a CNAME pointing your domain to If you've already added the custom domain using the command line tool, you should be able to see your site up and running immediately!

Apex Domains

We do not presently offer A record IP addresses to host apex domains with Divshot. If you wish to use the apex domain (e.g. instead of with Divshot you will need to make use of a DNS provider that offers top-level domain aliasing. These providers are known to work (let us know if there are others!):


If you have any questions about custom domains, please get in touch.